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Our Yoga Classes

We currently run yoga classes for all abilities in Listowel and Killarney two nights a week . Please contact 087-2700518 for further information.

Complimentary Introduction To Gentle Yoga Class.       

 Listowel Arms Hotel on Monday December 7th 6.30 – 8.00 pm 

Pre-booking essential.

  • 1.       Learn how to take better care of yourself.
  • 2.       Correct poor breathing habits and learn the art of relaxtion.

 A general description of gentle yoga, generally speaking gentle style yoga classes attempts to serve a variety of distinct needs. 

People with movement limitations or profound stiffness or limitations due to the lack of activity, relief from disabilities and chronic conditions; arthritis,

back pain, recovery from illness, injury and incontinence etc.

Gentle yoga classes are typically described as appropriate for those who want a softer nurturing, slow paced, well supported and relaxed practice. 

This approach hopefully includes careful orchestrated movement controlled pressure and well measured stretches including range of movements.

Progress maybe approached in gradual steps, with plenty of time to focus on breathing and repetition. So that the practice is simple to do and easy to remember.

A gentle yoga style, encourages a highly individualistic approach to practice with ongoing encouragement to moment to moment adjustments.

The key to right teaching is the adaptation of yoga to the individual not the individual to yoga.  Nothing to be forced.


Complimentary yoga class, appropriate for transition and leaving cert. students.

          Listowel Arms Hotel on Monday 7th December  8.30-10.00 pm 

 Pre-booking essential.

This class will give the students the opportunity to experience for themselves the benefits of yoga. At a physical level the postures gives strength, steadiness, concentration, balance and will improve your physical well being, it will raise your confidence and self esteem which are closely linked to your physical wellness.

By working with the breath it gives the students coping skills that are useful in stressful situations. How to make life changing resolutions, to being about what would make a difference to your life in the short term and long term.  Yoga is practiced in a non-competitive environment.  Don’t worry about your level of fitness, I look forward to meeting you.


Welcome to the Malton Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry
The Malton Hotel is renowned for its high standards & efficient service. Our yoga room in the hotel is beautifully decorated, spacious, warm and comfortable; the vibrations in the yoga room are quiet, peaceful.


**********Yoga on 6.30-8.30 this Wednesday**********

**Next term starts in the New year, dates TBD**

 To book your place, contact Michael on
087 2700518



Welcome to the Listowel Arms Hotel
The Square, Listowel, Co. Kerry

This is a family-run hotel with a welcoming atmosphere.
The yoga room in this hotel offers a most unique experience as it is built over the River Feale. This room is spacious, warm and comfortable, and when the windows are open you can enjoy the sounds of nature and the soothing sound of the river. There is plenty of parking.


**Next term starts in the New year, dates TBD**

Please bring a Yoga mat and small blanket.

Reduced rate for unemployed and students.

Pre-Booking essential!

To book your place, contact Michael on 

087 2700518

Certified By the British Wheel of Yoga & Bihar School of Yoga.